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Welcome to the Dyslexia Association of London Forum. The forum is for people with dyslexia and those that support them to help build a community for like-minded people. We cover a wide range of topics including Dyslexia Life Hacks, Dyslexia Gifts, Dyslexia In The Workplace, Dyslexia and Mental Health and much more. Our recommended resources include books, articles, software and tools you can use to support your journey. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to add. You can also start a discussion too if you wish. This forum is for you and your needs.

Dyslexia Traits

The advantage of dyslexia!

A dyslexic brain wants to know ‘why’ something is happening so that it can start problem-solving, which can be extremely beneficial in our careers. How are you taking full advantage of this trait?

Some business environment can be unfavorable for dyslexics. We are natural problem solvers, easily seeing patterns and microscopic details that others cannot. Some companies, however, still do not know how to promote an environment that allows us to flourish. What... (More)

I find exercise such an important part of my routine. It clears my head and gives me more energy. For some it's optional but I feel that for me personally it's essential. The problem is it's easier to work longer... (More)