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I am Dyslexic! And now what?
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What advice would you give to this person? Has anyone experienced a similar situation?

I am an adult living undiagnosed with dyslexia, and I cannot speak to my parents/siblings about it because they do not acknowledge its existence or understand it when I do try to speak to them they don't want to discuss... (More)

At the British Dyslexia Association, they have a huge range of virtual training and webinars that give you the chance to enhance your skills and learn something new from the comfort of your own home. Their virtual training is live... (More)
While 10 % of the population is dyslexic, only 3% of people see dyslexia as an advantage, yet 40% of self-made millionaires are themselves dyslexic. Changing perceptions can turn disadvantage and disability into acceptance of a different way of thinking,... (More)
Read Chloe Blacks inspiring story to turn her challenges in education into an opportunity for her future by developing an app designed for students with dyslexia.
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